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How to Have “The Talk” Between Elderly Parents and Their Adult Children

Date July 26, 2011

Sheri Samotin, founder of LifeBridge Solutions, has suggestions for how to get elderly parents and their adult children to have “the talk.”  The most direct is simply to talk about your plans, and theirs, for aging and what documents are in place to support that.  If that’s too direct, then ask parents for input and suggestions about your own plans.  That should allow you to ask them about their plans.  Talk about your friends’ experiences with their parents, and seek your own parents’ advice.  Elderly parents who have their plans made can just share them with their children, or tell the children where to find the documents that direct what they want done.  Samotin says, “The earlier you take on the task of talking with your family about these matters, the less likely that they will become the elephant in the room every time you get together.”  (Naples News, 7/19, www.naplesnews.com/news/2011/jul/19/navigating-lifes-transitions-having-talk-no-one-wa/)

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