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FDA will cap the amount of acetaminophen in painkillers

Date January 18, 2011

The FDA will cap the amount of acetaminophen in painkillers at 325 milligrams per capsule.  Acetaminophen, found in “Tylenol, Nyquil and thousands of other medicines used to treat headaches, muscle aches and sore throats,” is also found in prescription medicines.  It is dangerous when taken in high doses, such as when patients combine two or more pain relievers.  The FDA deputy director for new drugs said, “The risk of liver injury primarily occurs when patients take multiple products containing acetaminophen at one time and exceed the current maximum dose of 4,000 milligrams within twenty-four hour period.”  (AP Financial Wire, 1/13; The New York Times, 1/14 www.nytimes.com/2011/01/14/health/policy/14fda.html)

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